Step #04 - Choosing a Country



There are many questions to ask regarding choosing the country and program to adopt from. Precious.org has a great resource for researching countries.  Considering the fact that adoption is an act of parenthood the questions to ask are both practical and introspective.  Prospective parents should ask themselves:

  • Which country has fees that I can afford?
  • Which country do I meet the parental requirements for?
  • Does is matter to me if my child resembles me or not?
  • Do I have reservations about caring for a child of a different race and ethnicity?
  • Is my community going to be a safe haven for my child to live? If not, am I willing to relocate for the healthy upbringing of my child and our family?
  • Is there a country I have lived in, visited, or simply have a special affinity for?

Most importantly, what is your gut feeling about the country you are choosing to adopt from? After all, you are the parent to be. You are making this commitment and here is the first opportunity to make a wise informed decision in the best interest of your child!

Once again, the name of the game is prayer and research.  Consider watching videos like China's Lost Girls, Nefarious and others to get an idea of what the orphan situation is like in certain countries to see if your heart is stirred toward one over another.

You'll also want to pay close attention to the laws surrounding who is able to adopt children from a specific country.  Age, health, number of current dependents, income and other items can be a factor in you adopting from certain countries.  Don't get discouraged, but ask questions.  Contacting adoption agencies to ask questions can help.  You may also want to check out our country forums on Precious.org.

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