Step #10 - Post Placement



When you arrive home and life begins to get back to normal, the adoption journey, you'll find, has really just begun! There are still post placement visits to happen, registering for Social Security number and the number of other things. This article will help you explore the things you need to get done.


Post Placement Visits

When adopting internationally, prospective parents find that many countries require at least three post-placement visits. These visits are typically done by the same agency that provided the adoption homestudy. The visits will check the child's adjustment within the family and will serve to provide support to the family unit. Most frequently, there is a one month, three month and six month post placement visit. When paying the fee for a homestudy it is important to ask if the fee includes the post-placement visits. Often, a higher homestudy fee will include these visits and may be cheaper in the long run.


Adoption Support Services

Families with adoptive children may need support from adoption experts at various times. Support can be offered for children and families in times of crisis, but also simply as a preventative and intentional step towards keeping a healthy family unit. There are both private and public adoption support services available in each state. The type of support available depends on the state programs and private agencies. They include, but generally are not limited to, counseling, therapy, support groups, respite care, and post-adoption classes.


Adoption Reunions and Celebrations

Families who work with the same adoption agency and experience the process together benefit from one another's stories and advise. This is one reason for adoption agencies to have adoption reunions and celebrations. The second reason for adoption reunions and celebrations, hosted by the agency, is that many of the children have come from the same orphanage. This is particularly important for older children who had friends in the orphanage they were placed in prior to their adoption. Reunions and celebrations are a great opportunity for the children to reconnect with each other. Parents are able to have conversation with other adoptive parents who have, most likely, had experiences similar to them. Just think of the stories that could be shared among this adoptive community. In addition, this is a time when the family unit is surrounded by other families that resemble their own. Children can experience a sense of normalcy in being one of many multi-cultural families at the reunion or celebration. People interested in this post-adoption service should simply contact their adoption agency as inquire about reunions and celebrations.

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