Boy or Girl - The Ferris' Adoption Story



We would like to introduce you to the Ferris family.  They originally started their adoption journey with Associated Services for International Adoption (a.k.a. ASIA) wanting a baby girl, but realized that it really was the love of a boy that they were missing:
On June 1, 2010 we saw our son's face for the first time. We knew we wanted to adopt but we hadn't decided whether we would adopt domestically or internationally. And we assumed we would adopt a baby. 

Then we saw a picture of a beautiful 5-year-old boy with a limb difference waiting in China and my husband and I instantly fell in love. We were surprised that ASIA was willing to share his file with us, despite the fact that we hadn't even started our homestudy. I will never forget what Marci Siegel Kittrell, ASIA's Director of Social Services, said when she explained why: "There is not a line of families standing outside my door waiting to adopt a 5-year-old boy with special needs." 
While that worked in our favor because we knew he was our son, it broke my heart to think that he waited so long because so few families are interested in boys. And when I look at the current list of waiting children on ASIA's list, I see that 15 of the 22 kids waiting for families are boys. I see my son in every one of their faces. 
There is a great irony that I struggle to understand. Yes, many of the children that are waiting in China are girls, but the boys that are available seem to wait, and wait, and wait, and often never receive the gift of a family. For whatever reason, American families seem to have an overwhelming preference for adopting girls. I just can't understand why. I love my son. He is smart, exceptionally happy, loving, and oh so much fun. And he is a Mamma's boy through and through. I welcome the frequent comments we receive from strangers like "How did you get a son from China?" or "I didn't know you could adopt a boy from China." I always jump at the chance to tell people that there are so many wonderful boys, just like him, waiting for a family.   
As we come up on the year anniversary of meeting Sam for the first time, my heart wells up with emotion to think of the journey we've all been on. I wish somehow the stars had aligned to bring us together sooner, but we try every day to make up for the time Sam waited for his family. 


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