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Hi!  My name is Danna Hopkins.  My husband, Brian and I have been married for twelve years.  We have four biological kids, Bailey 10, Dylon and Preston 9, and Jazmyn 7.  In the Fall of 2008, Brian had the privilege of visiting an orphange in Ethiopia.  While he was there, he met Silas 15, Joshua 14, and Mahlea 10.  Brian and I both had a heart for orphans and adoption, and we thought that we might adopt...someday. However neither of us really thought it would be at that time in our lives, nor did we think we would adopt older children.  

But, God had other plans.  

About a year later, in September of 2009, Silas, Joshua and Mahlea came home from Ethiopia and completed our family...or so we thought.  The past three and a half years have been the most growing, stretching, wonderful years of our lives thus far.  By the grace of God, our kids-all of them-have adjusted amazingly.  We have learned a lot about each other and we have seen God's promises fulfilled.
In August of 2011, we once again felt God was speaking to us regarding adoption.  There were a group of kids in Bozeman for a summer hosting program.  We fell in love with a 12 year old girl that another family was hosting.  When we learned that her host family was not in a place to adopt at that time, we knew God was asking us to make her a part of our family.   This past September (2012) traveled to Ethiopia to pick up Kenzie.  We also had the privilege of bringing our three oldest kids (who hadn't been back to Ethiopia since we brought them home) with us.  What an experience to see and meet their family, friends, and caretakers.
In April of last year, we started the process of adopting an infant girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  We have always wanted to adopt an infant and we were approved for two kids when we got our homestudy updated.  We heard about the need for adoption in the DRC and were deeply saddened by the way women and girls are treated.  We submitted our dossier to the agency and were officially on the waiting list in June.  We were planning on waiting to receive the referral of one baby girl however, God had different plans for our family. This past December, we were at our daughter's school Christmas program.  A friend who happened to be sitting by us handed us her phone with a picture of four precious girls (sisters) on it.  She told us that the agency that has the four girls was desperately searching for a family that would adopt all four of the sisters so that the girls could stay together and if a family wasn't found soon they would have to separate the girls.  When we heard of the possibility of the girls being separated and the likelihood that the older two girls would not ever be adopted we were deeply saddened and concerned. We both looked at their sweet faces and committed that we would pray for them.
A few days later, sitting in church, the four girls suddenly popped into my mind.  I knew that God placing them on my heart.  I began to pray for them and suddenly wondered if they were supposed to be part of our family.  I started listing off the reasons why it would not be wise for our family to adopt them..."we have eight kids...we can't afford it...life is going really good...we haven't had toddlers in years...we are already on the waiting list for an infant..."  Then suddenly I realized that we would have four Ethiopian children, four biological children and four Congolese children.  An overwhelming sense of peace came over me.  I knew in that moment that they would be part of our family.
Brian was supportive of contacting the agency and asking about the girls.  We found their picture here on precious.org.  The agency's first response was that we have too many children to pursue adopting the girls.  I was very sad and wondered why it was I felt so strongly that they would be part of our family.  The very next day we got another email from the agency that asked more questions and then said that they often get approval from the DRC for larger families to adopt.  So, we began asking and answering questions.  After many conversations, the agency told us that if we were able to come up with the fees, we could move forward.  Our social worker approved us to adopt four more children and so the process started.  We officially accepted the referral for the girls and our dossier is translated and in the DRC awaiting court judgement!  

Please continue to follow our journey at howmanyis2many.blogspot.com.


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