In June of 2000 our family started looking into adopting from Guatemala. We felt God leading us to Guatemala and began researching which agency to use. We narrowed it down to two different agencies and now just needed to decide which agency to use to complete the adoption. The main difference between the agencies were that the one agency had “waiting newborns,” which we were shown pictures of and could basically take our pick of which baby to adopt, or the local agency, which we would go on the waiting list knowing that it would probably be several months before we would get a referral. 

We left on vacation for Michigan where we would be attending a Christian family camp. We were praying that somehow by the end of the week and before we came back home we would know without a doubt which agency we were supposed to go with. We were asking God to show us clearly and just give us an overwhelming peace about our decision. 

One night at camp, the speaker was talking about how we all like to tell God what we will do for him and sign our name to that list....when really God wants us to give him a blank piece of paper and sign our name at the bottom and let God fill in the details. That was our sign from God that we should go with the agency where we would go on a waiting list and God would fill in the blank by giving us the baby we were to have. We went home and contacted the agency and started the paperwork to begin our adoption. 

I journaled as the adoption began and wrote down how God had spoken to us about which agency to use, I prayed consistently for the birthmother to be healthy and have peace about placing her baby for adoption and that the adoption would go smoothly. 

Months went by and we became anxious waiting for our baby to be born. Finally in January, almost 7 months after beginning the adoption, we received the long awaited call! We had a baby girl and she was almost 7 months old....we were so thrilled with the news and seeing pictures of our baby girl!! 

Later that evening, we were talking about the fact that most babies at the time of referral were usually newborns and we were wondering why our new baby girl was already almost seven months old. I thought about it and went and pulled out my journal where I had been documenting the adoption....the day we felt God telling us to go with the agency where we went on a list and let God fill in the daughter we were to be blessed with was June 22, 2000. Amazingly, our baby’s birthday is June 22, 2000, the EXACT day that God spoke to us leading us to start our journey to our baby girl!!! God’s timing is absolutely amazing! Little did I know that when I was praying for the birth mom all those months to be healthy and safe " our birth mom had already given birth to our baby and was struggling to keep her alive and healthy.

Because of poverty and not having money to provide for her, at almost seven months old she was only 9 pounds. Once she was placed in foster care and received the proper nutrition, she gained weight quickly and caught up to where she should be. Her adoption went very quickly and within 4 months, we were able to fly to Guatemala and bring her home!! 

She has been such a blessing to our family and has a heart for God and wishes to become a missionary when she grows up. On our trip to pick her up, we fell in love with Guatemala and returned for the next 4 years and adopted 5 more children from Guatemala including a set of twins. Each of them have amazing stories where we can see God’s hand on each adoption! We adopted twice domestically and then 6 times internationally...we have been very blessed!

Alan and Linda Martinson
Spencer, Chase, Kara, Aubreigh, Caedmon, Jaden, Jenna and Josiah Martinson


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