A Blessing From Samoa: The Hyde Family Adoption Story



While the events laid out may seem fictional at times, for me it has been an undeniable evidence that God loves His children and plays an active part in adoption.

Matthew and I had a whirlwind courtship. You might call it love at first sight if you believe in that sort of thing. We were married just a few months after we met, but when you know something is right why fight it?

Matthew came from a large family and I was the community babysitter growing up. We were both always surrounded by children, in fact, they seemed to flock to us. Wherever we were, the kids were there too. For that reason, and the fact that Matthew is ten years older then I am, we knew we wanted to have as many children as we could as soon as possible. We had talked for hours of our parenting style and technique and knew that we would be the best parents ever!

Perhaps The Lord knew we needed a bit more time to fine tune our ideas, for there we were, three years later, still in love and still without our kids. After hours and days of prayers pleading for a child, doubt, frustration, and anger crept in. Weren’t we a good family? Weren’t we a loving home? How many children are born in dreadful circumstances every day? Couldn’t we be at least a slightly better option? Why is this happening? The heartache was too much sometimes as I watched friends and loved ones complain about the trials of pregnancy and getting pregnant again after just having had a baby. Oh how I pleaded to have such a trial of my own!

We had discussed the option of going the medical route and had both agreed that emotionally we were not ready to go down that road. We ignored the topic as best we could, only acknowledging it to The Lord in prayer.

Early one morning, as we were getting ready I felt driven to my knees in prayer. I went into our room and prayed again that we would be blessed with children and I felt the strongest feeling that our prayers would be answered. I was overjoyed with the picture of a blonde haired, blue eyed girl that looked just liked me! An answer came as a soft and sweet “No.” Then it must be a boy! A brown haired, blue eyed boy that looks just like Matthew. Again the answer was a gentle “No.” “Well what else is there” I thought. If it’s not a girl and it’s not a boy what else could there be? Then a thought came to my mind of a black haired, brown eyed Samoan. We were going to adopt!

I was overwhelmed and overjoyed! As I finished my prayer Matthew came into the room. Seeing that I was obviously moved he asked if there was anything I wanted to talk about. I answered that I was still trying to process what had just happened. To which he replied, “ Is it that we’re going to adopt?” I was stunned! He went on, “ and we’re going to adopt a Samoan?” 

My shocked look must have said it all. We hugged as we knew that our prayers had been answered. It was an amazing experience and it’s just what we needed to fortify us for what lay ahead.

After such an answer we went straight to work. We contacted friends, acquaintances, even strangers, anyone that might know where we could find our little Samoan. I had attended school in Hawaii and had several Polynesian friends that were put on the lookout. 

After a year of searching with no luck we decided we would go back to Hawaii and finish my schooling and see if we could find him there. School was wonderful, we made many friends and it helped to keep my mind off of the search. But when school was over and still nothing, we were left wondering what to do next. 

One afternoon we were at home when Matthew suggested, “We know he’s Samoan so lets go to Samoa!” I laughed and suggested sarcastically, “ok, lets move this week.” Matthew asked “why not?” Since I couldn’t think of a good reason why not he suggested we pray about it and see what happens. I agreed and so we offered yet another prayer that we could find our son and that if he was in Samoa then thats where we would go. 

At the close of our prayer Matthew said he needed to go for a walk. I stayed home and fiddled on the computer for a bit when I got a phone call, “talofa, wa mai oui......”

“I’m sorry you must have the wrong number.”

“wa mai oui, oui manuia”

“Who is this?”

“ha ha ha, this is Jen”

My friend Jen was at my mother's house and they decided to call. Jen is Samoan and thought it would be a good joke to call and talk to me in Samoan. We chatted for a bit when she mentioned that her sister was stopping in Hawaii on her way to Samoa where she was going to fix up her house to rent. I was stunned and asked her if we could rent it.

By the time Matthew returned from his walk, I had rented the house, found a flight to Samoa and had someone to pick us up at the airport. We were moving to Samoa...in FIVE days.

Samoa was beautiful, lush and green. The house, nestled in a quiet mountain side, lay waiting for us. We settled in and tried to figure out the local way of life. We made lots of friends, mostly of the village children who would come over after school every day and ask if Matthew could play. 

After being on island for three months we were introduced to our birth mom who was five months pregnant with her ninth child. We attended all of the doctors appointments and got to see the first ultrasound. The day after Thanksgiving they performed an emergency C-section and delivered our 10 lbs 3 oz turkey. We were beyond words as they rolled him out of the operating room. She had given birth to a toddler and we couldn’t be happier! 

The next day we got to hold him for the first time. Oh, to feel that baby in my arms. To finally hold him and see what the Lord had intended those two years earlier was humbling and joyous to be sure. That painful aching in my arms left and was replaced by a new aching of trying to hold a ten pound baby for hours on end because I just couldn’t put him down. We traveled home four months later and finalized the adoption in the states. 

Never could we have guessed seven years earlier that we would be the parents of a smart, rowdy two year old, with black hair and big brown eyes, who loves music and is starting to read four letter words (sorry, I’m bragging, that’s what moms do). So here we are with the most brilliant two year old ever and find him becoming a bit spoiled. Perhaps the best remedy for that would be a little sister to put him in his place? Hopefully, that will be the next story to follow!


Jessica Hyde is a Volunteer Writer for Precious.org


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