A Beautiful Twist in the Story



Our journey began in the year of 2002, when we decided to adopt to adopt from Colombia. We had gone to many meetings and thought we had planned very carefully. It was a stable adoption program; with a lot of children waiting. We wanted a child 0-2 years of age of any gender. We were told that the wait would be approximately 18 months. We thought great, just in time for the future Daddy to finish law school and for us to move out of our apartment and into a new home. 

Well, it didn't exactly happen has we had planned.  There were twists and turns along this journey that we did not plan for nor could we have predicted.

Our 18 month wait turned into another extra six months. We thought we could hold on. We had moved, had the extra bedroom and the backyard that just beckoned a child to come and play. We then were told to hold on another six months, our stress levels became high and our anxiety as well. Would we ever get this child that we wanted so desperately? We began to exercise; after all that is what all of the adoption books recommended. Keep yourself healthy because when the baby comes you need your strength. We were told again, this will be another year wait, why don’t you go on vacation?

We reluctantly went to France. Most people are overjoyed to be in Europe exploring the old churches and eating the wonderful foods. My husband and I, reluctantly, ate the baguettes and cheese and went to the Eiffel Tower. We tried to have fun but in the back of our minds was the fact that we weren’t bringing home our baby.

Was this agency reputable? Was this country lying to us? Would we ever have a baby?

When we returned from France, we had a long talk with our agency and they said that the country had unexpectedly slowed down, which can happen in International Adoptions. They recommended we try a different country while we waited for our baby in Colombia.

At this point, we were clearly depressed and never thought our Colombian child would ever be coming home.  Looking out our back window at the play set that was erected in our backyard; we chose the second country.  Clearly we did not have much money left after attempting a Colombian adoption and our trip to France, so everything was put on credit or borrowed with loans. It was painful not only in our hearts but in our wallets as well.

We decided to adopt from Guatemala. At that time, there was no problem adopting from that country. It was open. We spoke with our adoption agency and they said there was an infant baby boy waiting to be adopted. That we could become his parents, we just needed to collect our paperwork and submit it to the country!

We have never raced around a city getting documents authenticated as fast as we did the day we learned we had a little baby boy waiting for us in Guatemala. We had our papers completed in 24 hours and sent to the country.  We waited 9 months to bring our baby boy home. Nine tumultuous months with the country needing more documents and new documents but when our baby was nine months old we brought our precious bundle home.

He was beautiful and a joy. He was the most perfect precious little baby we could ever imagine.

And guess what???

Two weeks after we have him home, we get a phone call from our agency . . . congratulating us again. We have a baby girl! She was six months younger than our son.  With stunned joy . . . we brought her home as well.  The timeline was painful but it was meant to be.
Our family was right where it was supposed to be. A baby boy, a baby girl and they are six months apart.  We couldn’t have been any luckier. We love them so much. They were worth the wait.

Stay strong, stay healthy and be positive. It isn’t always easy but it is worth it. I promise.


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