Ukraine Children Are Waiting: Meet Amelia Grace!



Many children who are available for international adoption fall under the category of special needs or special focus and Ukraine is not an exception.
Ukraine has strict guidelines for the diagnoses of children under 5 years old who are available for international adoption.  The diagnoses can be serious but some are medically correctable.

For all children, including those who have a medically correctable condition, a family will give them the opportunity to live a life that is healthy, happy, and filled with opportunity.   

Last year, Grace International Adoption Agency assisted 14 families adopting in Ukraine.  Of these families, 7 families adopted babies with medically correctable conditions.  Grace International will highlight each family's story over the next few months with the hope of bringing awareness to this amazing international adoption program.

Meet Amelia Grace

From Amelia's Parents:

"We are the Keeling family and this beautiful baby girl is our daughter Amelia Grace.

Our daughter has a heart condition and had open-heart surgery to correct the condition.  While this sounds terrifying, it turns out that her condition was completely treatable. 

It is very likely that she will never require any additional medical care other than routine pediatrician visits like other children for the rest of her life. 

She is a beautiful, now healthy baby girl with the bluest eyes imaginable and we are so honored to be her parents!

Our experience with adopting from Ukraine was amazing.   The team in Ukraine was unbelievably accommodating. Everything we were told was accurate and every promise kept. If they do not know an answer, they will tell you so and then explain the possibilities.  The orphanage our daughter lived in was very well run.  The children were happy and very well cared for. When we announced we were going to go ahead and adopt our daughter (you are not pressured to make this decision before you are ready), there was cheering and obvious happiness. 

We heard children's laughter in the halls.  They even had a group come into the orphanage while we were there to put on a puppet show for the kids.  We saw our daughter and other children at meal times, and all were very well fed.

We would encourage anyone who wants to adopt to consider Ukraine. The team is knowledgeable, efficient and caring both about the families and the children.

There are many children with diagnoses like Amelia who are waiting. If adopted these children will have a chance to develop normally with medical care and the love of a family."

The Ukraine program has many advantages:
  • Did you know it takes less than one year to adopt a child from Ukraine?
  • Did you know that you CAN adopt a baby less than 12 months old who falls under the category of special needs, such as Amelia?
  • Did you know that most of the medically correctable conditions we are seeing involve a valve of the heart or one kidney?
  • Did you know that every family who signed on with Grace last year, for a baby with correctable medical conditions, is now home?
  • Did you know that it is taking approximately 6 months for families to complete their adoptions?
  • Did you know that ALL the babies who are now home are thriving in their new families?
There are many children who are waiting for their forever families. As you continue to research Ukraine adoptions, we hope that you will visit our website www.graceinternationaladoptionagency.com to learn more about our agency and the Ukraine program. Please do not hesitate to email or call Grace International. We can be reached by phone at (941) 400-4486 or by email at mary@graceadoption.com 
Grace International continues to accept applications for Ukraine at this time. The program remains open for new families who want to adopt babies with medically correctable conditions, sibling groups, and healthy children over the age of 8. The Ministry of Social Policy in Ukraine continues to issue referrals and travel invitations for families who have been approved to adopt.


This article was written by Theresa Barbier,
Founder of Grace International Adoption Agency,
with the hope of sharing and promoting awareness for Ukraine Adoptions.


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